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Black Twitter Wants Answers At To Why Kameo Kylie Kolonized The “WAP” Video | The Latest Hip-Hop News, Music and Media


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Black Twitter is flummoxed. Ever since Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion dropped their brightly colored, cheeky and raunchy video for their new anthem “WAP,” everyone has been asking why Kylie Jenner was allowed on the set.

Yeah, we get it, Kylie and the two rappers are cool, she’s Travis Scott’s baby mama and…whatever. But the tendency of anyone Kardashian affiliated to wantonly culturally appropriate by nature has many vexed, and they haven’t been afraid to address their concern.

The ire has mainly been relayed via memes and gifs, and they’re quite hilarious. No need for deep think pieces on this one. Kylie Jenner—a young woman who has colonized Black culture on down to her physical looks—is just out of place in a rocking anthem from two Black women.

But considering folk have been chatting up Kylie more than other cameos from likes of Mulatto and Normani—mission accomplished?

Either way, the cookout invite is not forthcoming. Peep some of the more righteous and hilarious slander below.


2. Golden Girl

Betty white definitely would have been a better choice.