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Rapper 42 Dugg Arrested For Fleeing Cops In Detroit | The Latest Hip-Hop News, Music and Media


Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Apparently, 42 skipped out on officers in Detroit about a month ago, and now they aren’t taking any chances.

The rapper was busted Monday in Oakland County, Michigan nearly 2 months after cops say he fled from officers in a Detroit suburb … according to Oakland County’s chief assistant prosecutor Paul Walton.

Walton tells us cops tried to pull over a 2020 Chevy Tahoe that ran a stop sign back on June 5. We’re told the Tahoe initially pulled over but took off when the cop approached the car, and actually managed to make a clean getaway.

Well, not all that clean. We’re told the cop ran the plates and discovered it was a Hertz rental … that was under a local promoter’s name. A detective did some digging and found out Dugg is one of the promoter’s clients.

Walton tells us the detective ultimately reviewed surveillance video in the area and identified 42 Dugg as the driver. The 25-year-old rapper was finally tracked down and booked for fleeing a police officer — a third-degree felony.


Dugg posted $20,000 bond and was outfitted with a GPS ankle monitor. If convicted, the rapper, who is affiliated with Lil Baby, is looking at a cool 5 years in bing along with a $1,000 fine and 1-year suspended driver’s license.

42 Dugg is due back in court next week and he better hope his lawyer game is proper.