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pineappleCITI Releases Summer Ready Anthem ‘Balance’: Premiere


pineappleCITI is one of those artists who will blow up any second. The rapper, singer and songwriter has been grinding for a while now, securing a deal with Red Bull Records late last year.


As a gay, female rapper of color, who’s battled disability since her near fatal car crash, she is not your everyday artist. But she believes in making most of what life offers us. “I’m definitely a positive Patty. I learned from the things I’ve been through that it’s important to maintain a positive attitude. That has a lot to do with my faith and just believing that life is inherently good,” she says.

Today, HHNM is happy to premiere her brand new single ‘Balance’ which is definitely a summer-ready smash with big potential. One listen of the bumpy track will probably not suffice for your ears. “As human beings we have two wolves fighting inside our minds – a ying and yang if you will. Even though there is a constant battle between that good and evil, my belief is that you need a little bit of both to survive. In times like these we are all searching for that balance,” the New Jersey native said about the new record.

pineappleCITI has stayed busy despite a global pandemic, thanks to a home studio and the desire to create. “This pandemic has encouraged me to step out the box creatively. I have a home studio so luckily I’m able to still tap in musically. But I’ve also tapped into other ways of expressing myself; especially with visuals. When you’re passionate about something you can always ways to create,” she told HHNM via email.

Listen to ‘Balance’ below. You will be able to pick it up on your favorite service later at midnight on this link.