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These Are The Most Used Emojis During The Coronavirus Pandemic


What’s a text conversation without emojis in 2020?!

July 17 is World Emoji Day and despite if you’re an iPhone stan or a die-hard Andriod user, everyone knows that an emoji completes any conversation.

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Emojipedia released a list of the most used emojis since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their blog post stated they studied a “sample of 49,621 unique tweets which included at least one of the twelve selected emojis was collected between the 7th and 8th of March, 2020.”

In celebration of the day, the company debuted the best new emoji (the white heart) and previewed a look at new emojis. They are also asking people to vote on the “Most 2020 Emoji”. The black fist, representing the Black Lives Matter movement, and the microbe representing the coronavirus pandemic are competing for the number one spot. The most 2020 emoji will be announced later today.

If these new emojis weren’t enough, new Memoji options will be released offering various headwear and colored face masks to fit a more current and personalized lifestyle.  Expect to see all these new additives in the latter part of the year with iOS updates.

July 17 was chosen as World Emoji Day because of the calendar emoji, which shows that date. The day is used to celebrate all emojis and how they add personality to digital conversations.

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Happy World Emoji Day! These Are The Most Used Emojis During The Coronavirus Pandemic 
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